Shop My Look: Skirt: ASOS (Curve/Plus), ASOS | Shirt: T By Alexander Wang Shoes: Steve Madden

MOOD: Don’t call it a Fashion Show, it’s a Fashion Takeover. This past weekend, I was front row and center at the groundbreaking vision and force of Shun Melson’s 1st Annual FaSHUN Takeover Spring Runway Show. It was the hottest event in the city, filled with celebrities, blonde wigs, rabbit ears, fashion, and most importantly thick thighs . Click to get all the details of this breathtaking production.

Diversity… As Beauty And Rebellion

Shun Melson’s FaSHUN Takeover Spring Runway Show showcased the beauty and rebellion of fashion. The #FaSHUNTakeover, was exactly that, a takeover from the status quo of what fashion and style is “socialized or supposed” to be – EXCLUSIVE. We often internalize that fashion is meant to exclude by body type and pay scale. While Shun Melson has solidified her spot as a top celebrity stylist with a clientele portfolio that includes Kim Zolciak, Kandi Burrus Phaedra Parks Fantasia, Monica, Ludacris and Gucci Mane, she  is shaking things up by spotlighting that fashion, style, and beauty comes at every SIZE and BUDGET.  Shun Melson  is the definition of a GOAL Digger. She is a stylist turned online boutique owner [ Sizes 2- 24].

3 Perspectives, 1 Show: Model, Blogger, Creative Director


Shop My Look: Skirt: ASOS (Curve/Plus), ASOS | Shirt: T By Alexander Wang Shoes: Steve Madden

Let’s discuss THE #FaSHUNTakeover. I’m a model, blogger, and creative director.  I viewed the show from these three distinct lenses. As a model, I was in awe of the diversity of the models; White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, tall, hort, fat, thick, thin, apple shape, pear shape, hour glass… THEY WERE ALL WINNING. The 2-entry runway provided the audience with a double dosage of style, size, and slayage. My favorite look was the white waterfall ruffle gown!


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As a blogger, it’s all about noticing the vibe and aura of an event. Simply put,  #FaSHUNTakeover was  an “elevated” event. Celebrities, creatives, models, designers, and dope people packed the Level V Lounge and Bar.

Creative Director

From a creative director point of perspective, I was pulled into the #FaSHUNTakeover movement at first sight of Shun Melson’s signature blonde bob worn by all the models. Visually, think Alice In Wonderland meets Beyonce. The mood of the show took you on a journey of bright and seasonal spring staples to sexy and political trends.


I’m beyond thankful to the Shun Melson and The B Firm PR  for a night jammed packed with fashion, style, fun, and SLAYAGE!

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