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Blogiversary Party Ideas

Blogiversary Party Ideas

Society of Harlow celebrated its 1 year anniversary with an amazingly chic and fun blogiversary party! This post is all about highlights from my blogiversary celebration!

My first year as an official blogger (what!?) was filled with great accomplishments and recognition. I’m “SLAYINGLY HUMBLE” of Society of Harlow’s accomplishments. SLAYingly Humble means, you are truly humbled by your achievements and challenges, while also recognizing the hard work and determination that led to your accomplishments! Ultimately, my motto is, “Work Hard, Stay Humble”!

Chapter 1 of the Society of Harlow book has been written. First, let me call out this surreal moment. Society of Harlow, a brand new but powerful blog is celebrating its 1 year blogiversary! To be honest, as the days approached the blog’s one year mark, I was filled with both excitement and doubt. The feeling of  “success by accident” sneakingly crept into my head. As a result, I started to dim the light on all of the hard work I put into Society of Harlow over the past year. At one point, I wasn’t even sure if I would have a blogiversary celebration. I recognized that those feeling were rooted in fear that Society of Harlow was on a path to greatness! Ultimately, I acknowledge those feeling and moved forward, because ain’t nobody got time for that!  I went on to plan and host the best blogiversary party ever!

Highlights: Society of Harlow 1 Year Blogiversary

Thank You

Fist, I’m so thankful to everyone who came (in-spirit and in-person) to share Society of Harlow’s major mileston with me! I’m still in shock that I created something that I love so deeply and I have the privilege and opportunity to share Society of Harlow with others.  My blogiversary brought so many amazing people together whom supported me through every stage in my life. I had family (mom, sisters, brother, cousins, nephews, niece, significant other), old friends (II Cute and my hometown/high school crew), Spelman sisters, TFAmily, new friends (fellow bloggers, models, designers, photographers, stylists), and sponsors in attendance.  Society of Harlow was founded on love, confidence, being unapologetically oneself, and most importantly creating a sense of community. I love sharing good times with others, and that’s exactly what happened at my blogiversary!

Setting The Scene

It was a cold and stormy night…  [lol], it really was. My style and brand aesthetics are chic, feminine, and everything pink and sequins.  Dazzle Me Parties & Spa was the perfect venue for this momentous glam occasion. I found the perfect party dress to match the glitz and glamour of the Dazzle Me Parties & Spa space- think silver glitter walls and sequin pillows. I opted for a Boohoo Aztec Full Sequin Mini in hues of gold, pink, green, and blue. My coordinating pink, green, and tan shoes were from Urban OG.  To complete my look, Cree of Cinema Blow Out Bar styled my hair in old-Hollywood waves.

My blogiversary was filled to capacity with love, hugs, laughs, tears of gratitude, dance moves and our favorite songs by DJ Honee B. Fly. The vibe and mood was breathtaking! Drinks, food, and sweet treat flowed all night thanks to Chef Tyree, Cookies By Kacie, and Maudi Pop. All photos are brought to you by B. Photo ATL

In closing, I had an ahhhmazing blogiversary celebration!

Blogiversary ideas, plus size blogiversary
Crystal of Society of Harlow (Middle). Top Atlanta models, designers, bloggers, photographers, and entrepreneurs.
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Crystal of Society of Harlow and Family. Wth brother, sisters, nephews, and niece.







blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Crystal of Society of Harlow with The Girls!! Atlanta’s top plus size bloggers, models, designers, and stylists.
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Crystal of Society of Harlow with her Spelman College Sisters!
blogiversary party
When Your Hometown Show Up & Show Out! #FarrellHigh You Know!

You can find the FULL Society of Harlow Blogiversary Photo Gallery HERE!


The Society of Harlow 1 Year Blogiversary was brought to you by my AMAZING sponsors. To my sponsors, words will never be able to express my sincerest gratitude to you. Please join me in acknowledging, celebrating, and supporting my amazing sponsors:

Photos Brought To You By B. Photo ATL. Check out the  full Society of Harlow Blogiversary Photo Gallery HERE

  1. Venue: Dazzle Me Parties www.dazzlemeparties.com
  2. Catering: Chef Tyree Chef Tyree ATL
  3. Hair: Cree Infinity Cinema Blow Out Bar
  4. DJ: Honee B. Fly Dj Honee B. Fly
  5. Photography: B. Photo Atl https://bphotoatl.pixieset.com/ 
  6. Custom  Cookies: Cookies By Kacie https://www.facebook.com/cookiesbykacie/ 
  7. Cupcakes and Signage: Maudi Pop http://maudipop.weebly.com/ 
  8. Gift Bags: Tress – Hairstyle Inspiration App , COLOUR – On-Demand Hair Service App , Natural & Fit Designs,  New Godis Hair,  Cinema Blow Out Bar
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Chef Tyree
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Cree Infinity of Cinema Blow Out Bar
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party, DJ, atlanta dj, Female DJ
DJ Honee B. Fly
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Custom Society of Harlow Cookies by Cookies By Kacie
blogiversary ideas, plus size model, plus size party
Strawberry and Lemon Cupcakes by Maudi Pop



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