Stand: Jibri High graphic

Stand: Jibri High

For my third and final look in the “Jibri High” series, I wanted to create a sophisticated look inspired by the essence of tutus- femininity, poofy, and TWIRL-able. Although, I love the magical look of tutus on women, they do not match my personal style. Find out how you can create a tutu-esque look!

Play: Jibri High graphic

Play: Jibri High

 Prints, Pinks, Corals, and Blues, Oh My! For my second Jibri look, I wanted to create the perfect weekend look that was playful, colorful, and most importantly comfortable! This is the ideal look for all-day adventures, like brunch in your local park, shopping across your favorite boutiques, snagging a cup of frozen yogurt, and/or pizza […]

Brunch: Jibri High graphic

Brunch: Jibri High

Five letters J-I-B-R-I. My obsession with Jasmine Elder the founder and designer behind the plus size contemporary women’s label – JIBRI, can only be described as a “JIBRI HIGH”. As described on her site, “JIBRI is a perfect combination of high fashion and urban street sleek”.  Let that sink in a little (lol); that means […]

Pattern Pride: THICK THIGHS & THIGH HIGHS {BOOTS} graphic


  I’m so excited to bring you the third and final look in the Thick Thighs and Thigh Highs {Boots} series!  You should know that I LOVE vibrant colors and bold patterns/prints. In the Jeweled and Red Riding Hood posts I brought you COLOR. Now it’s time to mix it up with PATTERNS & PRINTS!  While […]



Spring, is that you?! If you are like most people, then you are feeling completly over winter and ready to embrace everything that spring has to offer, such as bright colors, warmer weather, flowers, festivals, outdoor activities, and allergies. Ok maybe not allergies, but you get the point! You should know that my favorite season is […]

Red Riding Hood: Thick Thighs & Thigh Highs {Boots} graphic

Red Riding Hood: Thick Thighs & Thigh Highs {Boots}

Let me just warn you ahead of time about my obsession with my #ThighHighBoots. I am so geeked because I now have the opportunity to show them off to you. Here’s why I am so excited, because for the first time in 30 years I’ve found boots that not only fit my 18 inch calf muscles but […]